Leadership Development

People are your Greatest Advantage and Critical to Success — Isn’t that Obvious?

Leadership Development is the answer to leverage your company’s greatest advantage. How much do you invest in your people and their success?

How do you know if you are successfully developing your leadership? What are your measures?

The Leadership Circle Profile measures leadership effectiveness

We assess the effectiveness of leadership as it correlates directly to business performance. The components measured expose the:

  1. proven competencies needed, and
  2. the reactive tendencies to be reduced.

Measuring and understanding these dimensions gives you a path to drastically improved leadership and a culture for developing leaders. If you can measure it, you can develop it.

The primary responsibility of business leaders is to grow the business and you do that by growing leaders that engage employees. It works every time!

Every growing business encounters employee turnover, poor management, and lack of leadership. We help you solve those problems by providing four pathways to addressing your people problems.

Leadership Development

Leaders are made, not born. If you think some people just have it, you are wrong.

Of course, some may have charisma or specific strengths that make it more likely that they will be perceived as a leader, but in the end, anyone who wants to lead or build something with the help of other people, must consciously intend to lead others where they want them to go. This takes work and effort to be a certain way, and to improve upon the decisions and behaviors that will get them there.

The specific actions and behaviors needed to lead an organization of people depends on the number of employees. The natural progression of a career often leads from an individual contributor (technical or professional) to a functional management position managing people, and eventually to a general management position in which you are now “managing the managers.” This last step is often the most difficult.

Understand the difference between managing and leading. Do both, but at different times with different people. Managing and leading reinforce each other, but having a solid foundation as a manager helps a lot in becoming a better leader.

Becoming a “born leader” takes working at leading with intention and along the way help the other leaders in your company to develop their leadership. In this way you will become a real leader.

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