Job Benchmarking

People are your Biggest Cost and Greatest Advantage

  • Do you have clear Key Accountabilities for the different positions in your organization?

  • Engaged employees need to understand their Key Accountabilities.

  • The primary responsibility of business leaders is to engage employees. Key Accountabilities are the key to engagement.

Job Benchmarking is the process of creating the Key Accountabilities of a job and then clearly defining the attributes needed by the employee to do the job. This process creates clear expectations of the job and what must happen for superior performance, including measurements needed to manage the job. Hiring selection decisions are improved by 92%.

Job benchmarking is based on a specific job rather than the person. Through an interactive approach job benchmarking is used to develop, select, retain, and manage that job. My job benchmarking process clarifies key accountabilities specific to each job that are then used for job assessments and descriptions.