Talent Assessment

Improve your hiring decisions by 92%

Finding the Right People for your Company is a Challenge

Assess the Talent You Are Hiring!

When a job candidate is applying to any job, they are putting on their best facade. Our assessments provide extreme clarity on Business Acumen, Personal Strengths Inherent Motivators and Behavior Style.

We use assessments that are proven to improve hiring decisions by 92% or more. We use assessments to improve the hiring process so we make more informed decisions about who we are hiring and what they will be doing.

We measure critical factors like:

  • Decision-Making Acumen (abilities)
  • Personal Skills (competencies)
  • Inherent Motivators (why they do)
  • Behavioral Style (how they do)

But the benefits are large and the payoff incredible for things like:

  • Better culture
  • Increased Retention
  • Reduced Attrition of high performers
  • More Team Productivity
  • Better Communication
  • Fully Utilizing Employee Strengths

Whether you would like to assess the talents of 1 or 1000’s of people to jobs, we can scale as you need.



Easy to use online software.
You can manage it all from one place.


Optional Patented ‘Benchmarking Process’ to clarify the ‘key accountabilities’ of the job.
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Insightful questions aligned to their job that gets below the facade of the candidate and drills down to real world experience.


Proven employee acquisition decisions by 92% or more that translates to on-the-job long-term performance.