The Cure for
People Problems

Every growing business encounters employee turnover, unsatisfactory managers, and lack of teamwork.

People Problems.

Most often, these problems are avoided because it is unclear exactly how to handle the issue. It is ignored or skirted until it’s clear that an employee or manager is not succeeding, and they are terminated.

Most leaders attempt to solve people problems individually. But that’s inefficient, unpredictable and short-lived. Leaders who focus on specific problems quickly find themselves overwhelmed and distracted from what should be their primary responsibility: Talent Development and Leadership.

Vondrell Leadership is Marty Vondrell. He’s a seasoned expert who helps business leaders diagnose, predict and solve the people-related problems of business.

Marty helps create strategies and tactics that benefit companies at any stage of growth. With these systems in place, a CEO, executive, or manager is freed up to work on-the-business, rather than constantly in-the-business.

Marty offers four distinct pathways to curing people problems:

  • Assess Talent. In this capacity, Marty uses tools and processes that give us insight into how candidates would perform in a job and the gaps of employees already performing the job.
  • Develop Leadership. Here, Marty works with leaders, managers and groups to develop better engagement, productivity, and fulfillment from everyone involved.
  • Build Teams. Marty is skilled in bringing groups together as teams; with a process that communicates what is needed to create success together.
  • Coach Executives. Here, Marty works one-on-one with the executive to develop and refine effective leadership skills.

You’re encouraged to visit the Services page to learn more about each of these offerings, and determine which will best fit your needs. Better yet, contact Marty directly to begin a conversation.