The Cure for Growing Pains

Every growing business encounters impediments, complications and uncertainty.

Growing pains.

Most often, these pains don’t come from factors you can track on a spreadsheet, such as sales, profitability and investment. Instead, they come from people, specifically, employees.

The standard response of most business owners is an attempt to solve people problems individually. But that’s inefficient, unpredictable and short-lived. Owners who focus on specific problems quickly find themselves overwhelmed and distracted from what should be their primary responsibility:  Leadership.

Vondrell Leadership is Marty Vondrell. He’s a seasoned expert who helps business leaders diagnose, predict and solve the people-related problems of growing companies.

Marty helps create strategies and tactics that benefit companies at any stage of growth. With these systems in place, a business owner is freed to work on the business, rather than constantly in the business.

Marty offers three distinct but related pathways to curing growing pains:

  • Business Advisor. In this capacity, Marty works with individuals and teams, acting as an unbiased observer to lend new perspective and insight to solving problems.
  • Executive Coach. Here, Marty works one-on-one with the executive to develop and refine effective leadership skills.
  • Peer Group Facilitator. Sometimes the best way to understand and address a business problem is to compare experiences with other business people. Marty is skilled in bringing groups together and directing the agenda and flow in a manner that yields maximum benefit to all the participants.

You’re encouraged to visit the Services page to learn more about each of these offerings, and determine which will best fit your needs. Better yet, contact Marty directly to begin a conversation.