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Leadership is Imperative to Creating a High Performance Culture in Your Business.
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People are your Biggest Cost and Greatest Advantage

The primary responsibility of business leaders is to grow leadership and engage employees.

Every growing business encounters employee turnover, poor management, and lack of leadership. We help you solve those problems by providing four pathways to addressing your people problems.

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We assess the effectiveness of leadership as it correlates directly to business performance. The components measured expose the proven competencies needed, and the reactive tendencies to be reduced. Measuring and understanding these dimensions gives you a path to drastically improved leadership. If you can measure it, you can develop it.  Learn More

leadership development

Leaders are made, not born. Let’s clarify that from the beginning. If you think some people just have it, and you don’t, you are wrong. Anyone who wants to lead or build something with the help of other people, must consciously intend to lead others where they want them to go. This takes work and effort to do things in a certain way, and to improve upon the decisions and behaviors that will get them there. Learn More

executive coaching

Peter Drucker said “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast.” And yet we spend much more time on strategy than we do on culture and leadership. As an Executive Coach, I will help you clearly see how the results you can achieve are a direct outcome of your decisions and behaviors. If you improve in those two areas, you will drastically improve your results.  Learn More

job benchmarking

Job benchmarking is  based on a specific job rather than the person. Through an interactive approach job benchmarking is used to develop, select, retain, and manage that job. My job benchmarking process bring key accountabilities specific to each job that are then used for job assessments and descriptions. Learn More

Marty is very sharp. He's got a great background and has experienced many different things. Working with him, I feel a lot of stress has been relieved. Over this short period of time, he's helped me get on the right track.

Rick, CEO of a Home Technology Solutions Provider

Marty has a talent for recognizing and reading people's personalities and aptitudes. He understands how people work in an organization, and how to develop people. He helps them become more successful by identifying the hard skills and soft skills they need to work on, benefitting themselves and their employer. When you work with Marty, you get a recipe for self-improvement.

Peter, Executive Director of a Large, Seattle Data Security Firm

He makes me intentionally think about how I lead, and how I could be better at it, and I really don't get that anywhere else.

Heather, Principal at a Design Build Firm

Marty's sharp and he knows what he's doing. He's good at applying his education and experience to an issue. On top of that, he's got a good sense of humor, he's easy to talk and he always makes time for you.

Mat, VP of Global Benefits for Global Conglomerate

What makes Marty very effective, his strong point, is his coaching ability, his relationship-building ability. His manner is not intrusive. He is easy to talk with and he can build relationships quickly. He is able to establish a basis of trust.

Larry, Managing Director of Human Resources of International Hotel Chain

There's definitely a value that he brings to the table that we're enjoying. He's got the ability to cut through the BS and get to someone's core.

John, CEO of a Construction Company

Some of Our Clients

We exist to advance the conscious practice of leadership in business. We work with leaders individually and in groups to measure and develop leadership that produces proven business performance.

Is This You?

We work with business owners and organizational leaders who want improvement, but aren't measuring their leadership or know how to develop it. Some of these statements might resemble you:

“We can’t seem to grow the way I used to and we aren’t hiring the right people.”

“We know there is a culture growing in our company, but we don’t know how to manage it or lead through it.”

“We keep spending money on training, but it doesn’t seem to do any good.”

“We need to develop our leadership with a proven model that creates business effectiveness.”

“We’re doing something wrong — we are improving aspects of our business, but our profits aren’t rising accordingly.”

“I don’t think we are leveraging the talent we have in the organization. With so many people problems we can’t grow like we want.”

Marty Vondrell has been coaching leadership and helping businesses to run more effectively for over 25 years. This depth of experience and business acumen provides proven results for business success.

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