People are your Biggest Cost and Greatest Advantage

The primary responsibility of business leaders is to develop talent and foster leadership.

Every growing business encounters employee turnover, poor management, and lack of leadership. We help you solve those problems by providing four pathways to addressing your people problems.


Job Benchmarking

Job benchmarking is based on a specific job rather than the person. Through an interactive approach, job benchmarking is used to develop, select, retain, and manage that job.

My job benchmarking process brings key accountabilities specific to each job that are then used for job assessments and descriptions.

Small-to-Medium Sized Business

Vision, Teams, & Performance

We create the Job Benchmark and Key Accountabilities for any job so that we know exactly what personal strengths we need for the person filling the position. This is critical to selecting the right person for the job and giving them the tools needed to perform well in the role.


Leadership Development

We drastically improve employee selection for the company and ‘job fit’ for the position. This reduces turnover, increases productivity, improves profitability and creates higher customer satisfaction.

“Selecting employees and developing leaders will create a high-performing culture in your business.”

Marty Vondrell, Executive Coach

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Assess the Talent You Have or Are Hiring

When a job candidate is applying to a job and a company, they are putting on their best facade. Our assessments provide extreme clarity on behavior style, inherent motivations, personal skills and business acumen.


Easy to use online software.
We manage it all from one place.



Patented ‘Benchmarking Process.’
Assess the person and job.
Key accountabilities of the role.



Improve decisions by 92%.
Match candidates to the job.

Whether you would like to assess the talents of 1 or 100s of people to jobs, we can scale as you need.

We Cultivate Leadership Talent Too!

Understand the difference between managing and leading.
Do both, but at different times with different people.



Managing is about execution on the leaderships strategy.  

We must do 2 things well:

  1. Understand and measure the Key Performance Indicators of a good Manager.
  2. Develop the Manager on the 4 keys to being successful: Select the right person for the job, define the results of the job, motivate the person in the job by focusing on their strengths, and develop the person.



Strategize, Inspire, and Execute to create positive business performance.

We must do 2 things to create leadership that creates great business performance:

  1. We develop leadership competencies that are proven to positively correlate with business effectiveness.
  2. We minimize the leadership competencies that are proven to negatively correlate with business effectiveness.

Some of Our Clients

We work with leaders, managers and groups to develop better engagement, productivity, and fulfillment from everyone involved. Your situation is assessed and we come up with a plan to enhance the performance of your team.

Owners & Executives Who Want to Grow

Peter Drucker said “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast.” And yet we spend much more time on strategy than we do on the leadership that creates and executes that strategy.

Get the Right People on the Bus

Hire the right employee for the business.

Get them in the Right Seats

Benchmark the job. Get high performing employees.

Coach them to be Leaders

Measure actual leadership. Get breakthrough performance.

Is This You?

We work with business owners and corporate executives who are ready for growth and improvement, but don't know where or how to start. Some of these statements might resemble you.

"We can’t seem to grow the way I used to and we aren't hiring the right people.”

“We know there is a culture growing in our company, but we don’t know what it is or how to manage it.”

“We keep spending money on training, but it doesn’t seem to do any good.”

"We need to develop our leadership with a proven model that creates business effectiveness."

“We're doing something wrong — we are improving aspects of our business, but our profits aren’t rising accordingly.”

“I don’t think I’m leveraging the talent we have in the organization.  With so many people problems we can’t grow like I want.”

Marty Vondrell has been coaching leadership and helping businesses to run more effectively for over 25 years. This depth of experience and business acumen provides proven results for business success.


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